Sell a property in France

The notary is the one who deals about everything.

Fix a price

Before selling your property, you have to give a selling price. It's important not to make a too high price because nobody will answer. If you want to sell quickly, fix a normal price. The most simple is to compare with other ads, in the press or in the net. Don't forget to determine a trading margin.

List my ad

We have here a list of jewish agencies, or jewish people, so if you want to deal with a jewish, levaker is the best thing you have to use!
The aim is to seduce the reader when you list an ad. You have to make him wants to visit your property. Avoid to tell too much, but emphasized your appartment.
You must tell about the building, the quare of your appartment, the location, the floor...
If you can put pictures, it's better, even if it's only a plan.


Don't forget to clean your property before visiting. You can make several visits in the same time. In order not to forget anything, think about making a file where you put everything you want to say. Put into it your taxes too.
Keep open to any proposal and be free. If someone make an offer, even if it's too low, it means the visitor is interested about your property.
On the other hand, you can include you kitchen, some furnitures in the trading.

The provisional sales agreement

When you are ok with the buyer, you have to pass the last step: sign the provisional sales agreement with a notary. All notary's fees are the same, and it's the buyer who pay, so no reason to panic!


A file including all diagnostics must be given the day when you sign the provisional saldes agreement. You have to put the Carrez square, say if there is asbestos, termites, tell about  the energy performance, the natural technologies risks and, and gas.
The diagnostics are paid bu the seller.

The final signature

The buyer gives you a check of the amount of the transaction. If you have included some furnitures, don't tell it to the notary, there will be fees for nothing.
I list my property
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