Rent a property in the United States

General ideas

When you rent an apartment or a house in the US, the property must be lawfully clean, the walls will have imperatively to be repainted and the kitchens equipped, as well as the presence of washing machines is often essential.
The season is from may to september, the day when companies engage people and the day when the tax year begins.
From december to april, it's the dead season, price may be more interesting. You can list an ad on our website and verify the agencies one.
A real estate agency will take 15% of the annual rent as fees.

If you see that there is no agency name, it could be a private people, then contact him and save the agency fee!
For all budgets prices, you can deal with a roommate, it's very often done in the US. If may be interesting if you have just arrived in the US and if you konw nobody.
Finally, the rent is to pay by advance, monthly, and a deposit of one or two months is often required.
All taxes are paid by the owner.

Precautions to be taken

First of all, be careful of what lease you sign, a housecleaner is often included.
Don't forget the US is a very pettifogger country, and any complaint is possible.
For example, if you didn't sign with an agency, and one of the staff find a witness who saw you dealing with him, you must pay the agency fee. In case of proceedings, the law will be against you.
Becareful when you will visit your future apartments.. the best is to sign between individual people!
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