Rent in Israel

If you want to rent an apartment or a house in Israel, the law doesn’t oblige you to make a contract if the duration is lower than 5 years, but we advise you to do one! A lawyer can deliver it, he is generally the one of the lessor.  In Israel, durations often are of one year, and rents are fixed in dollars (but paid in shekels).
The lessor must certify the apartment is clean, and must do works if necessary during all duration.
The lessee has to make the apartment clean too, pay every month the lessor, pay charges, and let the apartment as when he arrived (comparing inventory of fixtures when arriving and leaving).
If you want to leave before the end, the lessor can force you to pay all rents, but you can offer another people to him who respects terms and conditions fixed in the contract. The lessor won’t be able to refuse.
If everything is well, at the end of duration, the lessor can make an increase of 10% (except if you had redefined it in the contract).
If you are a new immigrant, you can be helped... go in your bank to know how.
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